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Maria Thomas B.A, the Chief Executive Officer of Divine Hand’s Cleaning Services is a true American immigrant and entrepreneur. Following a dream, she established her own employment company in New York City creating opportunities and jobs for the under employed. Partnering instinct and tenacity for excellence Maria has had an opportunity to bring skillful leadership and coaching to her staff and contractors. She inspires to enter the field of international politics and to bring her advocacy for higher employability and job creation to the government platform.


“Cleaning from the Heart”

Divine Hands is a commercial and residential cleaning Company; we specialize on deep cleaning and offering a vast variety of services. Locating talented people who are passionate about cleaning, organizing, and home care professional is a specialized task. Many companies provide day to day cleaning services, however at Divine Hand’s Cleaning Services, “we clean from their heart”! We care for our customers as well as our contractors by bringing hope and a new vision of to our consumers. We educate our clients, provide hope for future organizational skills, and optimal cleaning to our consumersq. Our mission is to expand our inspirational brand of cleaning to communities, homes, businesses and place the underemployed back into the workplace! Divine Hand’s Cleaning Services is proud because through our work we are building bridges between clients who are in need of services and opportunities to contractors who are searching for opportunities.

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